14 October 2010

Collecta Media Widget test II - 5 sec

Collecta Media Widget test

13 May 2010

Fellow Travelers

Someone hands you a 3-D Virtual World and says that you can do whatever you wanted with it: where would you start? how would you use it? what would you want to accomplish?

Tools.Jam is a Community of Practice devoted to exploring these questions and sharing what we discover. The evolution of Web 1.0 to 2.0 and now beyond, is a process that is best when shared.

Find us here, every Tuesday at 9:30am PST
 (also on the weekends for informal chat: Sat @5am and Sun @6pm):http://bit.ly/ToolsJam

02 May 2010

Tools.Jam on the Weekends

Weekends are busy times but offer the chance to catch up on news or float possible ideas and share input. We bookend it with two sessions: Saturday morning at 5am SLT/ PST and Sunday evenings at 6pm SLT/ PST. At Wells.
SLurl: http://bit.ly/ToolsJam

27 April 2010


Tools.Jam meets today (and every Tuesday) at 9:30am SLT/ PST in the Second Life™ region of Wells.

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